iBET New KENO Game Preview in iBIT SPORT(IBC)!

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iBET New KENO Game Preview in iBIT SPORT(IBC)!

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Every player will see the latest new game KENO on iBet!

iBET KENO Game 1

iBIT SPORT cooperative partner-IBC Platform. It’s also one of famous company of Sportsbook.

Recently, IBC and iBET launch better odds and more interesting KENO game for player. You can enjoy high quality KENO game online.

Let’s see what kind of futures does the latest KENO game have!

iBET KENO Game 2

iBIT SPORT (IBC) KENO Game features:

1.iBET iBIT SPORT uses the famous IBCBET Sabah platform, you will get better odds and more way to bet!

2.Synchronized in different country! You can bet keno games in Canada、Australia、Beijing、Korea etc. It means there are more odds you can choose! More diversified than regular KENO games.

3.Easy to use interface、intuitive design and useful winning data makes betting easier.

4. iBET rake bonus up to 1%!  The more you play, the more you get! First deposit RM30 you will get RM50 we give to you and birthday bonus etc.. There are more promotion waiting for you!

iBET KENO Game 3

iBET New KENO Game brings whole new gaming experience to you, no matter you have experience on KENO Game or not, iBET provides you the highest quality online casino service, you don’t have to go Casino De Genting just stay at home also can have the enjoyment of Online KENO Game.

iBET KENO Game 4

How to play iBIT SPORT Keno=> iBET iBIT SPORT (IBC) New Keno Game Tutorial

*For more information please contact iBET 24H Customer Service.

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